Invisalign® and Lifestyle: How Clear Aligners Fit Into Your Daily Life

Dr. Byrd in Skyview Dentistry

Straight teeth can vastly improve the quality of your life. While old-fashioned braces are the tried-and-true approach for some cases, they can easily become a hassle that most people don’t want to deal with, leaving many with misaligned teeth and several problems that stem from that. Fortunately, Invisalign® offers a way to straighten your teeth without nearly as much interference with your daily routine.

Lifestyle Integration: Invisalign® Allows You to Get a Great Smile without Disrupting Your Life

Lifestyle integration is an approach to life that combines different aspects of daily living to create a cohesive, comfortable, and productive life. For many people, teeth straightening can significantly disrupt their lifestyle. Our dentist offers Invisalign® in Charlotte so you can get a great smile without making major changes to your daily routine.  

Invisalign® is easy to care for

Taking care of braces requires a lot of time, work, and patience – and even extra gear. The brackets and wires of braces create dozens of tiny nooks and crannies in which food particles and bacteria can get stuck, and it is essential to remove these food particles and bacteria before they lead to tooth decay beneath your braces. You’ll need to use special tools, such as a flosser and a Waterpik, to care for your teeth.

Caring for Invisalign® is the ultimate in convenience! Simply take them out to brush and floss, rinse the tray, and put it back into your mouth.  

As its name suggests, Invisalign® is invisible

Let’s face it – metal brackets and wires can detract from the natural appeal of your smile. Invisalign® is invisible, so it will never diminish your dazzling smile and oftentimes goes unnoticed.  

You can eat or drink anything you like

The food restrictions associated with traditional braces can disrupt your daily life. Eating some foods can dislodge a bracket or distort a wire. Sugary beverages can seep beneath the brackets and weaken the tooth enamel below; sugars can also break down your braces to cause damage.  

There are zero food restrictions associated with Invisalign®, which means you can enjoy all your favorites from caramel to nuts to corn on the cob. Simply remove your aligner trays and put them in their case, eat and drink whatever you like, brush your teeth and floss after finishing your meal, and return the Invisalign® when you are done.  


Nothing decreases the quality of your life more than experiencing discomfort. This is especially true when you have to put up with discomfort every day for months. Traditional braces can be uncomfortable, with brackets and wires poking into your cheeks or tongue. Braces can even cause sores that are slow to heal. While you can apply wax to make the sharp edges of braces more tolerable, the wax usually falls off quickly.

Invisalign® fits comfortably into your daily life. Made from an acrylic resin that is smooth and relatively soft, Invisalign® is incredibly comfortable. The aligner trays will never poke or cut your cheeks or tongue. Because they are custom-made, Invisalign® aligner trays always fit like a glove!

Fewer trips to your dentist

While we’re always happy to see you, going to the dentist for frequent wire tightening appointments can interfere with your everyday life. If your braces get damaged, which is common, you’ll visit your dentist even more often.

With Invisalign®, you’ll visit your dentist only for periodic checkups to be sure that your aligner trays fit properly and that you are getting the results you hoped for. Fewer trips to your dentist mean you can fit more fun into your daily life.  

Invisalign® Tips for Even More Convenience

Try these tips to make clear aligners even more convenient!

  • Carry a case to keep your aligners safe and reduce the risk that you’ll throw them away.
  • Keep your aligners clean, as dirty aligners are not invisible and can cause decay to your teeth.
  • Talk with your cosmetic dentist in Charlotte if you find your treatment to be uncomfortable or inconvenient.
  • Use a removal tool if you have trouble taking out your aligner trays.

For more information on how clear aligners fit into your daily life, make an appointment with Skyview Dentistry. Our cosmetic dentist in Charlotte can help you get a beautifully straight smile in the most convenient, effective way possible.  


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