Another cosmetic procedure that is very common is the use of fillings. When your teeth are chipped, cracked or need to fill a cavity, fillings are the best option for you. Our teeth are not smooth and have crevices and grooves, filling in those spaces can help prevent bacterial infections and cavities. This is because bacteria like to grow in such places, which can really deteriorate your tooth.

Most of the time, dentists use fillings to treat cavities, which are caused, by bacteria. Bacteria produce toxins, and those acids eat away your enamel and create what is called a dental caries. This tooth decay will leave “holes” in your tooth, which can really affect the functionality of your tooth as well as further decay.

In the past, it was very common to use metals as fillings, such as silver and gold. However, recent studies have shown that since metal does not bond properly to your tooth it can create much greater issues in the long run. Metal also leaks into our system and is not very good specially when fillings are ten years old or more. Here at Skyview Dentistry, we offer silver fillings removal, the procedure is quite simple and we can get you fitted with new and better fillings.

We are now able to use materials that bond completely to your tooth and that will not affect your health at all. Tooth-colored fillings, usually composite resin, will give you amazing natural results. The material is very durable and it hardens in seconds once applied, because it mimics the color of your natural teeth, they can be used anywhere in your mouth and no one will notice you have them.

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