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Root Canal

Root Canal Specialist

The anticipation of a root canal procedure can be nerve-racking for a lot of people, but the reality is that the treatment is designed to relieve your pain and save your tooth. At Skyview Dentistry, a root canal procedure doesn’t have to be an unpleasant, anxiety-inducing experience, especially with the experienced dental team made up of Seti Byrd, DMD, and Jennifer D’Silva, DDS. If you’re in Charlotte, North Carolina, call or book an appointment online to learn more about a root canal procedure.

Root Canal Q & A

What is a root canal treatment?

An untreated cavity, too much dental work, or an oral injury can lead to an infection in your tooth. Left unchecked, the infection may spread into the pulp found in the roots of your tooth, which can jeopardize the integrity of the entire structure and cause you considerable pain.

A root canal treatment is designed to relieve your pain and save your tooth all in one simple procedure. To do this, one of the skilled dentists at Skyview Dentistry eliminates the infected tissue from inside your tooth to prevent further damage.

What are the signs of an infected tooth?

An infected tooth can become very painful relatively quickly, especially if you don’t seek early intervention. Some typical symptoms of an infected tooth include:

  • Inflamed gums
  • Tooth soreness when eating and drinking
  • Intense sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Bad breath
  • Pus around the tooth
  • Throbbing in your mouth or jaw
  • Discoloration of your tooth
  • A small, pimple-like bump on your gum

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should seek the expertise of one of the dental experts at Skyview Dentistry.

How is a root canal performed?

If you suspect you have an infection in your tooth, one of the experienced dentists at Skyview Dentistry first takes X-rays to determine the extent of the infection.

If they confirm there’s an infection, the dentist numbs the area with a local anesthetic. If needed, they put a dental dam, or a small film of rubber, on your tooth to keep it clean and shielded during the procedure. Once you’re comfortable, your dentist makes a tiny cut in your tooth to access the area of infection inside the root.

Next, one of the team members at Skyview Dentistry uses small files to remove the damaged and diseased pulp and irrigates the area with water to wash away any debris. After removing all of the diseased tissue, the dentist either seals your tooth or inserts a non-permanent filling to shield the tooth until you return for a permanent crown.

To get relief from a tooth infection through a root canal procedure, call Skyview Dentistry or schedule a consultation online.

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