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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Specialist

One of the most affordable and accessible methods to improve your smile is through professional teeth whitening. Administered by one of the three dental professionals at Skyview Dentistry — Seti Byrd, DMD, and Jennifer D’Silva, DDS — professional teeth whitening offers a convenient way to flash a noticeably brighter smile in only a couple of hours. If you’re in Charlotte, North Carolina, and you’re curious about teeth whitening, call or book an appointment online.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What causes teeth to discolor?

The foods you eat and drink, certain medications, and aging all contribute to yellowing and stained teeth. Surface stains on the enamel of your teeth from drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine can wreak havoc on white teeth, as can habits such as tobacco use and smoking.

As well, as you age, your enamel begins to wear down, allowing more of the brown dentin inside your tooth to show through, which is what creates the yellowing effect.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Whitening your teeth is a safe process when you leave it to the professionals. The team at Skyview Dentistry provides whitening treatments for safe, satisfying results. You can get your teeth whitened in just one appointment, or whiten them more gradually with a take-home teeth-whitening kit.

In both cases, the whitening solution is completely safe to put on your teeth and in your mouth. You may experience minor, temporary gum and tooth sensitivity as a result of the bleaching agents, but this resolves itself quickly.

What's involved in an in-office procedure?

During your appointment, an experienced Skyview Dentistry team member sits down with you to review your whitening goals. The whitening system can whiten your teeth 5-10 shades with just one simple in-office teeth-whitening treatment.*

When you’re ready, the team at Skyview Dentistry thoroughly cleans your teeth and then fits upper and lower dental trays into your mouth. The trays are filled with a hydrogen peroxide whitening solution, while your gums and lips are covered to protect them from the solution. Then one of the Skyview Dentistry team positions a specialized bright light over your teeth. The light and bleach work in unison to whiten your teeth as you sit back and relax.

The whitening process involves three treatments, each taking 15 minutes, in a single visit, and you stay comfortable and relaxed between treatments. At the end, one of the team members at Skyview Dentistry applies a gel to your teeth to minimize any sensitivity you may feel.

When it’s finished, you leave with whiter teeth and a gorgeous smile — all in about two hours.

The Skyview Dentistry team can also provide take-home teeth-whitening kits for a more gradual approach to whitening teeth over a couple of weeks.

To learn more about in-office and take-home options for teeth whitening, call or schedule a consultation at Skyview Dentistry today.

*Individual results may vary

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