Holiday Parties and Other Great Reasons to Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

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The holiday season always seems to arrive much faster than you realize, often leading to last-minute shopping trips, travel arrangements, and impulse gift purchases. This holiday season, look your best for all the festivities with something you can do before the rush begins: professional teeth whitening. 

At Skyview Dentistry, Charlotte, North Carolina’s premier general and cosmetic dentist office, we can help you get holiday-ready with your whitest, brightest smile, either in-office or with an at-home professional whitening kit. 

Maybe you’ve been wanting to get your teeth whitened, but haven’t yet scheduled an appointment. If you’ve been putting off kicking your smile up a notch, here are several reasons why the pre-holiday season is the perfect time for professional teeth whitening. 

Holiday parties

Professional teeth whitening can help you look your best for holiday office parties, family get-togethers, and let’s not forget New Year’s Eve. You’ll be getting dressed up to attend all of these annual events, so why not have a more dazzling smile to match?

Family portraits

The holiday season is a perfect time to update family portraits, especially if you send out a personalized Christmas or Hanukkah card each year. If you have an upcoming portrait session scheduled, our in-office whitening service is the perfect way to brighten your teeth by 5-10 shades in just about two hours. You can relax in one of our dental massage chairs, watch Netflix®, or read emails, while you whiten your teeth. 

Our professional teeth whitening system is gentle on your gums and we take great care to keep you comfortable and minimize tooth sensitivity. Then, you can go to your family portrait session with renewed confidence that you don’t have to hide your smile because of yellow or stained teeth. 

Gatherings with family and old friends

When your teeth are whiter, you smile more confidently and share the joy of the holiday season with everyone you meet. It seldom fails that you run into old friends who are in town for the holidays, or perhaps you’re the one who visits your hometown to spend time with family and friends you only see a couple times a year. 

Whiter teeth can help you look your best for all those planned or impromptu gatherings. A brighter smile can even make you look younger, since yellow teeth are associated with aging. 

Multitask while you whiten your teeth

If you’re short on time this holiday season, our at-home professional teeth-whitening solutions let you multitask. You can whiten your teeth while you shop online, wrap presents, or decorate your home. This gradual approach to a brighter smile delivers outstanding results in just a couple of weeks. 

If you like to plan ahead and check multiple items off your holiday to-do list, then at-home whitening is an excellent option for you. It fits right into your busy pre-holiday schedule. 

Getting a brighter smile in time for the holidays has never been easier, and we can help you achieve long-lasting results that take you beyond the holiday season. Professional teeth whitening can last up to a year or longer before you need a touch-up treatment.

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